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Common Auto Body Collision Repair Myths

Myth #1 – You Have to Use the Repair Shop Your Insurance Company Recommends.

The insurance company’s goal is to save money by paying out as little as possible on a claim. Their adjusters are paid to save the insurance company money.  One way they do this is by recommending you have your car repaired at the cheapest collision repair center they can find.  You always have the option to go with the insurance company’s recommendation, but why not use one you know and trust?

Koester Automotive and Collision Center has been a leader in Collision Repair services for the past 10 years. Whether your claim is through your insurance provider, or paying privately, we will assist you through the entire process.

Myth #2 – Only the Dealership Has OEM Parts.

Don’t let the dealer or the insurance company fool you into believing that only the car dealership has OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, because this is simply not true. At Koester Automotive and Collision Center, we have access to the same OEM parts as the dealership. Believing this myth could cost you much more for collision repair work.


Myth #3 – Once the Frame is Damaged, It Can’t Be Fixed.

If the frame has been damaged but not weakened, most likely it can be fixed. Most people believe that once the frame has been damaged, the car must be “totaled” but this is simply not true. Newer frames such as uni-body frames are often repaired. The best person to determine if the car frame can be repaired is a trained Collision Repair Specialist.

Don’t fall into the trap of these common auto body collision repair myths. Always talk to an auto body repair specialist before following the advice of the insurance companies. Remember, you are under no obligation to take your car to the auto collision center they suggest. So, ask around, check them out online, and then decide where you want to have your car repaired.

If you have been involved in an auto collision in the San Fernando Valley area, contact the auto collision specialists at Koester Automotive and Collision Center. Here at Koester, we have one goal in mind; to provide courteous, professional and unparalleled auto collision repair services

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