Tire Maintenance

Everyone knows that it is necessary to change your car’s oil and check its fluids to make sure they are at the proper level. But what about checking your tires to make sure they are properly inflated? Tire maintenance is necessary to ensure a  safe ride for you and your passengers. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that comes in contact with the road. They’re your first line of defense against inclement weather. They can also significantly impact driver safety, vehicle handling, and fuel economy. Although tires are easily maintained, they are often overlooked. Too many drivers don’t think about their tires until they have to swerve or brake suddenly, or they have a flat.

Tires play an essential role in the safety of your vehicle. Tires with the proper amount of tread help pass water and elements through so your car stays grounded as you drive. Without that tread, the rubber just spins on wet surfaces, and you will find yourself in a scary situation. If your tires have been driven on for so long that they’ve seriously deteriorated, you may be putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

Don’t wait until your tread is completely worn before you get around to replacing them. This is commonly known as “bald” tires and is a very dangerous condition. Bald tires have a very hard time maintaining traction, especially in wet conditions. Many states have laws requiring car tires to carry a minimum amount of tread depth to be legal on the road. Even when the weather is perfectly fine, having tires that are in good condition still serves a purpose. Your car handles more capably, giving you a much more satisfying ride and reducing fuel consumption.

Regular tire service is an important part of your vehicle’s preventive maintenance schedule. Routine inspections can help you identify small problems like uneven tread wear before they become major issues. A tire maintenance schedule will also increase the lifespan of your tires. Monthly inspections are recommended. However, if you are consistently driving on rough roads, live in a cold climate, or drive long distances, your tires will need to be inspected more frequently.

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